I really want to do some writing. And I had a nifty idea the other day, people should send me a picture (crackships, real life pairing, tv show, random couple, or just a picture of one person. ) and then from the picture I’ll write a little vignette from it. So just send me pictures! and if they aren’t your pictures include a little source to where you got it.

TV shows I’ll accept (Castle, Stargate, Glee, Supernatural, Chuck, NCIS, Haven, Eureka, 2 broke girls, Game of Thrones, Charmed, Firefly/Serenity, The Vampire Diaries, Heart of Dixie, The O.C, Veronica Mars, The Secret Circle, New Girl, Warehouse 13, How I Met Your Mother, Torchwood, Doctor Who, Suburgatory, H2O, Pretty Little Liars)

I’ll even take movies, if I haven’t seen the movie I’ll let you know. It can also be any pairing!

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